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The Yellow Jacket

Air/Hydraulic, 10,000 psi, Frame Mounted Grease Gun with K-Barrel and a 6ft Hose Assembly. One of the lightest and most compact air/hydraulic grease guns on the market today.

Low Torque Plug Valve Lubricant

Specially designed for TE & LT Manifold Plug Valves. Prevents unwanted material from scraping and grinding the plug valve sealing surfaces. Delivers a true 100% bubble tight seal.

Valve Fittings

Stuffing Box, DBC Ball and Gate Valve, Rockwell Plug Valve, Ball and Gate Valve, 10K Wellhead Gate Valve, 20K Gate Valve, Gate Valve Packing Injectors, Ball and Gate Valve Body Bleeds, Manifold Plug Valve Lubrication fittings and more.

Screw Prime Guns

Hydraulic Hand Guns


Grease Pumps

We offer a variety of grease pumps and  grease pump accessories for any job of any size. Download our PDF to learn more. 

Pipeline Valve

Adapter Kit

Specially created kit for Pipeline Valves with no dupliation. Every single adapter in our kit can be used on Plug, Ball and Gates Valves.

Gun Hoses & Accessories

We offer a variety of gun hoses, hose assemblies, couplers, swivels, gauges, tees, and more. Download our PDF to learn more.

Emergency Valve Sealant

'Seal It' can be used by anyone in the field, on any valve with sealant injection fittings. “Don't Remove a Leaky Valve from the Pipeline, Seal It!”

Gun Repair

Our team has been repairing all types & brands of Air-Operated Grease Pumps, Air/Hydraulics, and Manual Grease & Packing Pumps for over 20 years. We can repair yours today.

Specialty Valve Lubricant

We offer a variety of lubricants for maintenance, multi-purpose and more. Download our PDF to learn more.

Valve Cleaner & Flush

We offer an Extra Strength Valve Cleaner and a Royal Valve Flush. Download our PDF to learn more.

Lubrication Adapters & Tools

We offer a variety of adapters to fit your needs. Download our PDF to learn more.

Actuators, Controls and Gearbox Repairs

Hands On Valve & Actuation Training

At CSN Solutions Inc. our training department teaches you the basics plus the tricks & secrets that other companies wont reveal.